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Fall/Winter Clothing Exchange Committee (CHAIR NEEDED)

This group organizes and runs the Holmes student clothing exchange.  Committee Members help advertise the event, arrange for a storage POD/Uhaul to be donated, organize clothing collection with school, organize volunteer efforts, sort clothing, and oversee the student exchange.  It's a very rewarding event!!

Time commitment:

      1) Prep Time:  3 -4 hours  (advertising, emails, phone calls) in the month leading up to the event.

      2) Sort/Organize Days:   6-8 volunteers will spend about 4-6 hours at Holmes sorting/organizing the                         clothes for event day (lunch or dinner provided for volunteers).

      3) Event Days:  2 days with 3 volunteers make things run smoothly as students search through                                       available items (1.5 - 2 hours each day).

Membership Committee (CHAIR NEEDED)

Our PTSA has been mainly promoting and gathering memberships during the Holmes Registration Event in August and at Open House in September.  This involves helping to set up tables for these 2 events, manning those tables, talking about our PTSA to potential members, answering questions, and helping folks sign up using MemberHub.  The Membership Committee Chair could also organize other incentives for Holmes Staff to encourage them to become members through Jan/Feb as well as helping to promote our Staff Grants Program which ties with membership.  The Chair keeps track of the membership list in MemberHub and makes sure that all Board members have a copy of the most current list.  The Membership Committee Chair is a member of our PTSA Board of Directors and would attend BOD meetings (1 in August plus as needed during the year) and help make most decisions required by the BOD via email.  

Time Commitment:

      1)  Before School Begins in August: 4 - 8 hours in preparation for the year, the Registration Event, plus 1st                      BOD meeting at end of July

      2)  In September: 2 - 4 hours in preparation for Open House and/or other incentives

      3)  In October:  1-2 hours preparing raffle for staff who join PTA during Parent-Teacher Conferences

      4)  In January:  2 - 4 hours in preparation of Membership Drive

Spirit Wear Committee (CHAIR NEEDED)

Our PTSA has always sold Spirit Wear with a variety of Holmes Hawks logos as an opportunity for our community to show their support of Holmes.  In the last few years, fundraising has NOT been the goal, and we typically only make $1-3 on a given item that we sell (just enough to cover MemberHub or other fees plus keep a dollar or so).

Time commitment:

1) Sales Events:  2 - 4 hours spent on inventory, set up, & clean up PLUS 1 - 4 hours actually manning sales tables/doing the selling - depending on number of volunteers and what event entails (Registration Day, Open House, FamilyGameNight, other sales opportunities)

2) Ordering: 1 - 2 hours once or twice per year

3) MemberHub Store Prep: 45 mins - 1.5 hours per sales event

Staff Grants Program Committee (2023-25 Chair - Jo Wilson)

Everyone knows that teachers/staff at schools always spend plenty of their own personal money on classroom supplies, printing, event supplies, etc. throughout each school year.  Our PTSA makes an effort to alleviate this cost to staff members by offering grants to staff who become members.  Staff who are PTSA members can be reimbursed for spending in 4 categories by filling out a grant request form and sending it to the Committee Chair, who then asks for a vote to approve (or not) from 1) committee members, 2) PTSA Board of Directors, and lastly 3) the Holmes Principal.

Time commitment:

1) Communications:  30 mins - 1 hour each month receiving grant request forms & communicating by email with the above listed parties to either approve/refuse grant request.

2) Monthly Meeting Report: Attend monthly meeting (1.5 hours) and share with members what grants have been approved (Missing an occasional meeting isn't a big deal.  Info can be shared by a committee member).

3) Promote Program / Advertise: 45 mins - 1.5 hours per quarter creating flyers, posters, and/or emails to staff letting them know what this program offers

Communications Committee (CHAIR NEEDED)

Compiles and disseminates information about our PTSA and our various events to the Holmes Community (families, staff, students, etc).  In order to gather the information, the Communications Chair has weekly contact with other Committee Chairs and/or the PTSA President and then can delegate tasks as needed to committee members.  This committee is in charge of sharing info via Facebook, our Holmes PTA website, the weekly Hawk's Nest (electronic school newsletter), as well as creating event posters and flyers, etc.

Time commitment:

1) Hawk's Nest Submissions:  15 mins - 45 mins most weeks (though not all) and varies widely depending on number of upcoming events

2) Coordinating with Committee Chairs/President: 15 mins - 45 mins each week, which can all be accomplished via email

3) Facebook / Website:  15 mins - 1 hour per week, varies widely depending on what is happening on a given week.  If there are no upcoming events or news to share, then this would be minimal.

4) Posters / Flyers for Events:  1 - 2 hours per event

Staff Appreciation Committee (2023-2025 Kate Herdejurgen)

We try to make sure our Holmes Staff feels supported and appreciated!  We host staff appreciation events every quarter:  1st Day Back Gift or Food (August), Lunch During Parent-Teacher Conferences (October), Holiday Hot Beverage & Dessert bar (December), V-Day Goodies (February), and lastly, Staff Appreciation Week (1st full week of May every year).  The more members this committee has, the easier the tasks

Time commitment:

1) Quarterly Events:  1 hour - 5 hours:  varies widely depending on what's decided for that event.  Includes ordering/purchasing necessary items for event and/or creating a Sign Up Genius to ask Holmes families for donations, set up event (deliver items and/or decorate), serve/stay at event if necessary, and clean up event.

2) Communications:  1  - 2 hours prior to an event a lot of emailing happens with committee members to decide what the event will be and how to make it happen.  Any promotions/advertising must originate from this committee, even if the Communication Chair is asked to help (flyers, Hawk's Nest, etc.). Attend monthly meetings & report on success of events and share about upcoming events.

3) Staff Appreciation Week: 1 - 2 hours of prep emails with committee members in March/April, 1 - 2 hours of ordering/purchasing/organizing supplies for event (March/April), 30mins - 45 mins decorating staff lounge for the week, 15 - 45 mins set-up/prep for each event (2-4 mini events during week + lunch buffet on Thurs), 1.5 - 5 hours to create SignUpGenius for lunch buffet & work that day (more helpers means you can divide the work). 

Nominating Committee (CHAIR NEEDED)

Nominating Committee Chair/Members advertise open PTSA positions, find out who may be interested in filling those positions, gather info about candidates to share with general membership, and run elections.  In the last 3 years, there has never been more than 1 interested party per position, so elections are very simple and almost no work is required from Chair/Members of this committee.  The Chair of this committee is also a member of our PTSA Board of Directors.

Time commitment:

1) December:  20 mins - 1 hour of effort preparing/sharing what positions will be open for the next year, as well as inquiring about interested candidates from PTSA membership and entire Holmes Community

2) January:  1 - 2 hours finding out who is interested in running for open positions and gathering general information about them to share with PTSA general membership via email.

3) February:  1 - 2 hours - same as January and creating short bios about candidates.

4) March/April:  30 mins - 1 hour sharing candidate info at monthly meeting and running election

IF there is only 1 candidate per position, then very little of the above needs to happen

 5) All Year Long:  3 - 6 hours all year because the Nominating Committee Chair is a member of our Board of Directors.  As such, they will attend an in-person meeting at the end of July as well as help make decisions throughout the year mostly via email. 


Legislative Committee (CHAIR NEEDED)

The Legislative Chair and/or a committee member attends the Colorado PTA's Legislative Committee session on the 2nd & 4th Mondays of each month, when possible.   Legislative committee members are responsible for keeping the Holmes community informed about legislation that impacts Colorado and our families/students.  They can then organize any appropriate action as voted by our general membership.  The Chair may attend the annual Colorado Legislative Conference.  

Time commitment:

      1) Monthly CoPTA Legislative Committee Meetings (virtual):  3-4 hours/month

     2) Information Sharing:  1 - 1.5  hours/month compiling info from CoPTA meetings and preparing to share                  with our PTA at monthly meetings.  These duties can be split between committee members to minimize time          commitment.

Fundraising Committee (CHAIR NEEDED)

This committee organizes fundraising activities.  We really only have 1 larger fundraiser each year (usually in spring).  These members could also organize restaurant nights or other smaller fundraisers throughout the year (3-4 at most so that we don't exhaust the charity of our community).

Time commitment:

1) Single Large, School-Wide Fundraiser:  would vary widely depending on how many members are on the committee and what the fundraiser is.  The Apex Color Battle of May 2022 required 30 mins - 1 hour of effort per week for 3 weeks.   The silent auction of Nov 2021 required 15 - 25 hours per week of concerted effort for 4-6 weeks time.  

2) Restaurant nights:  20 - 45 minutes each = just the contact time.

Volunteer Committee (CHAIR NEEDED)

Parent involvement at Holmes is part of what makes our school special!  The Chair of this committee would coordinate with Staff/Admin at Holmes to determine what volunteer opportunities are available.  They would also keep track of interested volunteers' contact info and a list of how each volunteer prefers to help so that they can disseminate information about opportunities to the people who may enjoy doing them.  

Time commitment:

1) Committee Chair:  30 mins - 2 hours per month coordinating with school staff & volunteers.  

2) Volunteer Time: varies widely & can't be pre-determined since each opportunity will be different.

Finance Committee (CHAIR NEEDED)

These members help the Treasurer by checking over the budget for each month.  They also perform an end-of-year review of all of our PTSA's financial documents so that the Treasurer can submit them to Colorado PTA.  The Finance Committee Chair is a member of our PTSA's Board of Directors which means attending a BOD meeting in July/August and if any others are necessary throughout the year (most Board business done via email).   

Time commitment:

      1) Monthly Budget Check:  10 - 20 minutes (plus email time for Chair as member of Board)

      2) June/July Financial Review:  3 - 5 hrs 

      3) July 1st Board of Directors Meeting of Year:  1 - 2 hours for the Committee Chair Only

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